Solar Powered Navigation Light and Self Contained Marine Lanterns

Today Solar technology is the preferred solution for all signal lights in the marine aids to navigation industry.

We offer a range of self-contained solar LED lanterns offering light ranges from 2nm to 10nm for Buoys, beacons, offshore platforms and barges. Lanterns come in standard IALA colours of Red, Green, White, Yellow and Blue with adjustable intensity, range and flash characters. All our lanterns offer high-efficiency solar cells fitted for optimal energy collection.

Solar Navigation Light comes with optional:

  • IR/ PDA controller

  • External ON/OFF switch

  • External charger and charging port

  • GPS Synchronization

  • Bluetooth monitoring and control

  • Proprietary Lightguard monitoring & control

  • Battery and mounting configurations

  • Vertical Divergence (Normal/ Wide)

Marine Lanterns and Range Lights

Our LED lanterns are the most comprehensive available:

  • Buoy lanterns

  • Ice Buoy lanterns

  • Medium and Long range beacon lanterns

  • Range Lights

  • Sector Lights

  • Light tubes for structure illumination

Solar Powered Bridge Navigation Light