We provide turnkey helipad specialist services for hospitals/private helipads. We can assist end users or consultants/engineers throughout the entire scope of planning, design/engineering, construction and certification of new or existing helipads.

Our services

· Site survey, obstruction report, accessibility

· Helipad design and master planning

· Helipad safety risk assessment

· Obtaining aviation permits and approvals (helipad design acceptance certificate)

· Preparation of Schedule of material (BOQ) and product specifications

· Fire fighting equipment designing

· Development of custom helipad operations manual

· Installation of helipad lighting system, painting and helipad marking


We have designed GSM controller to operate and control the system remotely through mobile from any where in the world through one call or SMS. The system can be remotely activated by the pilot or ground team. Optional: Timer – Once the system is TURN ON through one call or SMS that will be ON for set time (10 min to 1 hour) and will be Auto TURN OFF after the set time is over.


Common lighting recommendations for ICAO and FAA surface-level heliports consist of:

· Final Approach and Take-off (FATO) lights (standard colour: White/Yellow)

· Touchdown and Lift-off area (TLOF) lights (standard colour: Green)

· Floodlights to illuminate the pad area

· An illuminated wind direction indicator to indicate wind direction and speed

· Flightpath alignment guidance lights to indicate available approach (standard colour: White)

· VASI (visual approach slop indicator) that provides visual descent guidance information during approach

· Heliport beacon for the identification of the helipad

· Taxiway lights (standard colour: Blue)

· Approach lights to indicate the preferred approach direction (standard colour: White)

Layout of generic helipad/heliport