Solar Powered Aviation Lights

Solar Powered Mobile Tower Light

Solar Powered Helipad Lights (LED)

  • Solar helipad elevated perimeter light (FATO)
  • Solar powered externally & internally lighted windcone
  • Solar powered surface floodlight 30W
  • Solar powered helipad lighting system includes Perimeter light, Floodlight, Windcone, VHF Controller

Solar Street Lights (LED)

  • All In one solar street light (Up to 120W, 18000lm)
  • All in two solar street light (Up to 200W, 28000lm)
  • Solar Floodlight (Up to 100W, 12000lm)
  • Solar Wrap street pole  (Up to 160W, 19200lm)

Solar Powered Obstruction Lights (LED)

  • Solar Powered Low Intensity Red Light, Type A/B
  • Solar Powered Medium Intensity Red Light, Type B/C
  • Solar Powered Medium Intensity White Flashing Light
  • Solar Powered Twin Low Intensity Red Light, Type A/B Steady Burning / Flashing Mode

Solar Airfield Lights (LED)

  • Solar runway light
  • Solar taxiway light
  • Solar runway guard light
  • Solar PAPI unit

RPCT (R.P Canadian Trading FZ LLC) is a market leading supplier and installer in solar lighting solutions, established in 2012 in the UAE, successfully completed solar lighting installations projects in GCC and INDIA.

RPCT can design, develop, integrate and Install Solar Street Lighting System with as little information as to send a location map of your site.

Advantages of All In One Solar Street Lights;

    • It can be installed individually, no need excavate hole, burying lines, backfilling and saving construction cost
    • It can realize full-automatic control, no need personnel management, to save management cost
    • It is powered by sunlight, not to consume conventional energy, to save operation cost
    • It is easy to maintain, it wouldn’t have electric shock accident, very safe to use

Advantage of Solar Wrap Street Lights;

Pole Integrated Solar Systems are most advanced and innovative solar modules for various pole mounted PV applications.

    • 360o (degrees) ensuring sunshine all day
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Safe and Strong

This product is flexible. We can provide light head only and you can use your own solar panel and battery. You just need to make sure that you use right (voltage & power) solar panel and battery as per our instruction guide.

You can purchase vertical solar module only to use with your existing or local make pole and lights. There are three different modules. It is 50W, 100W and 150W. We can provide customized solution as well to match your project requirements.

Solar vertical pole street lighting system is available in two working modes: (A) 100% brightness for 10-12 hours (B) 6 hours 100% + 6 hours 60%