TLOF Inset Perimeter Light with Base

  • Incandescent with Deep Base (10” height)
  • LED with Shallow Base (4” height)
  • (Optional: Switchable Color)

FATO Elevated Light with Baseplate

  • Incandescent 60W / 116W Lamp with Baseplate
  • LED with Baseplate

FLOODLIGHT with Baseplate

  • Low Mounted Halogen Floodlight, 500W / 300W
  • Low Mounted LED Floodlight 44W

Externally Lighted Windcone, L806 / L807

  • Halogen Lighted, 3.3/6.6/7.2 meter tall
  • LED Lighted, 3.3/6.6/7.2 meter tall

Internally Lighted Windcone, L806 / L807

  • Halogen Lighted, 3.5/6.8/7.7 meter tall
  • LED Lighted, 3.6/6.8/7.5 meter tall

Explosion Proof Helipad Light

  • Perimeter Light
  • Floodlight

Surface FLOODLIGHT, LED, 2 x 10W

Heliport Identification Morse Code LED Beacon

Heliport Flashing LED 3-color Beacon, White/Green/Yellow

Helipad Rotating Beacon

Helipad System Controller with Touch Screen

Heliport Radio Controller

Battery Powered Helipad LED Light

NVG Compatible Helipad Light


  • Obtaining Local Civil Aviation Authority Approval for projects
  • Installaton, Supervision, Testing Commissioning
  • Paiting of Helipad
  • Marking of Helipad
  • Annual Maintenance of Helipad Lights