We (RPCT) Offer A Range Of Helipad Lighting System from Perimeter Lights to Radio Controller. We are trusted supplier of helipad lights in UAE, GCC and INDIA.

RPCT personnel will assist customers in the design of lighting layouts, equipment selection and specifications. No fee is charged for these opinions. Final equipment selection is the responsibility of the end user and to comply with all applicable laws and codes and to ensure proper installation.

Surface-level heliports include all heliports located on ground level or on a structure on the surface of the water. Surface level heliports can consist of a single or several helipads. Surface level heliports are utilised by a wide range of industries including commercial, military and private operators.

ICAO and the FAA have defined rules for surface-level heliports.

Common lighting recommendations for ICAO and FAA surface-level heliports consist of:

· Final Approach and Take-off (FATO) lights (standard colour: White/Yellow)

· Touchdown and Lift-off area (TLOF) lights (standard colour: Green)

· Floodlights to illuminate the pad area

· An illuminated wind direction indicator to indicate wind direction and speed

· Flightpath alignment guidance lights to indicate available approach and/or departure path direction (standard colour: White)

· VASI (visual approach slop indicator) on the side of an helipad threshold that provides visual descent guidance information during approach (alternate model is HAPI/PAPI)

· Heliport beacon for identification of the helipad

· Taxiway lights if require (standard colour: Blue)

· Approach lights to indicate the preferred approach direction (standard colour: White)

Value Added Services:

  • Obtaining General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Approval for projects
  • Designing, Supply, Installation, Supervision, Testing Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Painting and Marking of Helipad

Inset Perimeter Light with Shallow Base, In-out cable entry (Optional: Dimmable, NVG Compliant)

Elevated Perimeter Light with Baseplate (Optional: Dimmable, NVG Compliant)

LED Hooded Flood Light (surface mounted floodlight)

Illuminated LED Windcone (Size: 3.3m, 6.5m, 7.2m)

Helipad Identification Morse Code LED Beacon (Optional: 3-colour Flashing Beacon, Rotating Beacon, Dimmable)

Helipad System Controller, Radio Controller (Optional: Remote Operating, Touchscreen, Photoelectric Controller)

NVG Compatible Helipad LED Light

Solar Powered Helipad Light, Battery Powered Portable Helipad Light

Helicopter Crash Rescue Equipment (ICAO/CAP437 Compliant H1/H2 & H3 Category)

Firefighting Equipment (Water, Foam, Dry Powder and CO2 Fire Extinguisher)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Helmet with Visor, Gloves, Safety Shoes, Blanket, Trousers)