• Design, Obtaining General Civil Aviation (GCAA) Approval
  • Supply, Installation, Testing Commissioning
  • Painting/Marking of Helipad / Helideck
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Replacement of Existing Xenon or 6.6A System with latest technology (LEDs)


  • Circle & H Lights for Onshore/Offshore Platforms & Vessels
  • TLOF Perimeter Light Marine Treated
  • FATO Perimeter Light Marine Treated
  • Perimeter Lights Explosion Proof
  • Floodlights Explosion Proof
  • Visual Slop Indicator (VASI)
  • Helicopter Approach Path Indicator
  • Obstruction Light Explosion proof (Zone 1 & Zone 2)
  • CAP168 and CAP437 compliance Helideck Lighting System
  • Wind-direction Indicator (Windcone)
  • Windsocks
  • System Controller with Marine Proof
  • Remote Controller
  • Radio Controller

Portable System:

  • Battery Powered Helideck Light
  • Solar Powered Helideck Light
  • Solar Powered Obstruction Light (ICAO/CAP437/CAP168 compliant)

Other Equipment:

  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Oil Water Separator
  • Landing Safety Net
  • Perimeter Safety Net
  • First Aid Kit in Explosion proof locker
  • Helicopter Crash Rescue Toolkit with Locker, H1/H2 &H3 Category (ICAO /CAP437 compliant)